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Chelveston Airbase - A A F 105

airbase cafe
During in the war the airbase ran a snack bar.

U S Air Force troops of the 305th Bomb Group were based at Chelveston in the 1960s as a base for possible deployment into Europe. A small development of housing was built nearby to house the families of some of the men based at Chelveston. There was also a small school on the site.

snack bar
In the 1960s the airbase snack bar still the same.

The Haverson family ran a restaurant on the airbase in the former snack bar. Ossie, Josie and their son Ken ran the cafe together making fries and donuts as well as sandwiches, meals and drinks. Sometimes Ossie would allow customers to owe for food and drink. He had been a veteran of WWI in Galipoli and was always willing to listen with a sypathetic ear to the men. There were two slot machines in the snack bar which kept the men amused.

Josie Haverson in front of the price list

The Haversons
Ken, Ossie and Josie in the cramped little kitchen

Ken Haverson c1975
Ken also did a milk, bread and cream delivery to the housing and he kept the deliveries going until 1974. He had made many friends during those years and kept in touch with several. Always attending the reunions when the men continued to return to the area.

A memorial to those lost in combat was erected in 2007 and Ken took photos of day. He also took along his own jeep which he had restored in the 1990s.

Ken Haverson and his wife Lorna in their Jeep 'Annie B'

Les Collins with his taxi
Les Collins from Rushden, often visited the base
at Chelveston with his taxi in the late 1950s

When the base was closed the housing was used by air crew based at Molesworth and Alconbury. This was sold off recently and is now renamed Chelston Rise.

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