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Gipsy Smith's caravan Dirchford Bridge
Gipsy Smith's Caravan - Photo by Vic Childs
Ditchford Bridge

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Ditchford is in the “middle of nowhere”. It is at the boundary of three parishes; Irthlingborough, Irchester and Rushden. An ancient bridge over the river Nene and the mill was all that stood there until the railway arrived. An Act of Parliament decreed that wherever the railway crossed a turnpike road there should be a station erected, and so Ditchford Station was built in 1845.

In 2001 a joint project by Irchester Parish Historical Society, Irthlingborough Historical Society and Rushden & District History Society saw everyone in the locality giving in photographs to be copied and memories to add to the historical research into Ditchford, the Mill and the Station. The book was edited by Jon-Paul Carr and the three Societies funded the publication, each receiving a third of the proceeds. Rushden Research has been given permission from all three societies to use anything from the book for our website, so it with thanks to them that we present several pages here for your perusal.

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