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Irchester War Memorial

Public Subscription
In Grateful Memory
Of The Irchester Men
Who Gave Their Lives
For Their Country
The Great War

at the war memorial
War Memorial - Civilians killed 1941

World War I 1914-1918
World War II 1939-1945
Our Glorious Dead
Pte F J  Atthews
Pte J J Atthews
Pte G Barber
Pte H Baxter
Pte H Bayes
Pte J Bayes
Pte F Brudenell
Pte A Cartwright
Pte C Cherry
Pte A Church
Pte A Clark
Pte G Clements
Pte A Coleman
Pte J Desborough
Pte A Freeman
Pte R Furness
Pte L George
Pte E George
Pte F George
Pte H George
Pte J H George
Pte J George
Corpl T George
L/Cpl W Goosey
L/Cpl S Hensman
Pte B Holliday
Pte J Holloway
Pte A James
Pte J F Jeffries
Pte W Joyce
Pte F King
Pte H Laughton
L/Cpl F Luck
Pte M Magee
Pte H Medlock
Pte F Moulton
Coy S M C Mole
Pte A Neal
Pte W Neal
Pte W Needham
Pte A Norman
Pte W J Norman
Pte W Parbery
Pte F Partridge
Pte A Payne
Pte W Payne
Pte E Percival
Pte J Percival
Pte R Percival
Pte W Percival
Pte F Reynolds
Pte W Reynolds
Pte W Richardson
Pte A Robinson
Pte J Sawford
Pte A Sears
Pte H Shrives
Pte E Smith
Pte W Stevenson
Pte E Stock
Pte B Watts
Pte G West
Pte H West
Pte S West
Pte J White
Pte W White
Pte S Whiteman
Pte P Wildman
Pte W C Wildman
Pte W G Wildman
Pte C Wilkins
Pte F Worth
Pte B Walker
Sergt A York
"Forever in Our Thoughts"
A/Sgt C V Brown
CPO W Chambers
Gnr T Clements
A B C A Francis
Dvr W D George
Sgt W O E W Hayes
Pte D Houghton
Stoker D R James
CPO J J Johnson
L/Cpl R A Layfield
Flt Lt A S  Moreton AFC
Flt Sgt E Sawford
Gnr W C Starmer
Pte E Wells
W/O A J A  York DFM


Not on the War Memorial

Soldiers' Notes

Rushden Echo, 14th December 1928

The Work of turfing and putting in order the space round the war memorial is nearing completion.

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