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'Rollie Cox's Bottled Peas'

In the 1920's, the patrons of Rollie's Fish and Chip Supper Rooms enthused over the quality of the processed peas, which gave Rollie the idea of selling them, in bottles, in the wet fish shop as an early line in convenience food.

He had paid a London Chef £5, for a special recipe, for soaking the dried peas, which came in sack-loads, and £5 in those days was about two weeks average wage. In 1931/2 he had purchased two hand-carts especially fitted to take the bottled peas on rounds, similar to the milk deliveries, which were then changing from churn to bottle distribution.

This enterprise however did not last long.
I was told that the advent of Heinz canned beans and canned peas took over the market, the Fish Shop and hand—carts disappeared shortly afterward with the A6 road widening. 

The bottled peas/beans

Notes by Brian Cox

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