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Co-op Hall

Co-op Hall and drapery was built in 1903
Inside the Co-op Hall in 1908 - The hall was used for many functions, celebrations, for displays of Christmas goods, for trade shows, and by Co-op groups such as the education branch.
In May 1915 the hall was used as a writing room for Soldiers.

ticket tax
Ticket for "Ann" 1920 cost 2/- inc. tax
and the stamps on the back - 4d tax

Rushden Echo, 14th March 1924, transcribed by Kay Collins

Caretaker—About 80 applications were received for the position of caretaker of the Rushden Co-operative Hall, rendered vacant by the death of Mr George Cook. At a special meeting of the General Committee of the society on Tuesday, all the applications were given careful consideration, and six of the applicants were invited to attend for interviews. Mr J W Hill, of Co-operative-row, was appointed. The new caretaker was formerly in the employ of the society, having been for a year or two in the coal department, which he left for a change of occupation.

1950s next to the hall stands the Succoth Church

1950's Autumn Fair held in the Co-op Hall

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