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Brenda King (nee Smith)
Bernard (Barney) Smith

Barney started his dairyman's business at 77/79 Robinson Road Rushden. He was one of the few dairymen who owned their own cows and kept them in a field at the bottom of Robinson road, each day he would walk them up the street to his dairy; the field has now been built on.

Many local babies were brought up on the warm milk straight from the cows.

He bought two fields in Newton road to provide the cows with hay, and yearly, set half an acre with mangolds.

He worked tirelessly, never taking a holiday or even a day off. He also kept hens so that he could provide his customers with fresh eggs.

The only means he had to deliver the milk was a large urn, fitted with a tap, and fixed to an iron frame with wheels which he pushed from house to house, filling his customers' jugs at their door.

When Barney died at the early age of 56 the business was carried on by his wife and family until eventually his youngest son Auber took it on full time.

Further research shows: Bernard actually died in 1937 aged 67 and he was buried in Rushden cemetery grave F761/2, along with his wife Emily Anne who was died in 1958. Their son Auber is also buried in the cemetery and he died in 1992 aged 83.

Grave F761/2:

Precious memories of a beloved husband and father Bernard SMITH who passed away January 10 1937 aged 67 years. Life's race well run, life's work well done. "Now cometh rest". Also of Emily Annie SMITH beloved wife of the above died March 19 1958 aged 90 years. In heavenly love abiding.

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