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George Willmott
Poulterers, grocers, dairymen
The shop behind the two children in the foreground.
The tree is in the garden of The Cottage. c1895
This shop once stood at the corner of High Street and College Street.

George Willmott was born in 1868, son of George Willmott and Mary.

George became a shopkeeper and butcher in 1890, and a pork butcher in the 1898 trade directory. He had moved in to Blousic Dairy.

The display below was quite usual for butchers to show at Christmas time.

The name board is much hidden by the row of turkeys for sale.
At one end - Poulterer & Provision dealer - at the other end - Dairyman &c.

Daughter 'Lizzie' Willmott managed the old shop before she married Ernest Lack of Chelveston in 1898.

The shop was demolished about 1901, soon after the great fire, and a new Post Office was built on the plot. After the fire he built 4 shops opposite, where other shops had been destroyed, and then he opened a greengrocery at 50 High Street
50 High Street c1915

In about 1926 John Willmott took over the shop, and eventually it passed to Hugh Willmott.
The van
The van
Photo Courtesy of Rushden Museum

Court case 1912
Milk bottles
Willmott's Manor Farm Milk Bottles
Photo Courtesy of Rushden Museum
Wanklyn's far left at 54 High Street
A view in the 1930's taken from the Ritz Cinema of J Willmott's
Receipt dated 24th June 1949, for goods to St Mary's Church.

1lb Tin Gelatine
½lb Potted Meat

12 Lemons
½lb Butter
½lb Marg.
1lb Sugar Lumps
½lb Cheese

Inside Hugh Willmott's shop at 50 High Street in about 1950 - Mrs Grace Bates (right)

The Willmott Family

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