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Authors of all articles are credited on the top line of webpages.

We are grateful to Northamptonshire County Council Libraries & Information Services,
and Northamptonshire Record Office for access to archives and publications.

Institutions Permission to use archives Our Tutors
Baptist Church Jenny Burt  Roger Drage
Bedford Record Office (BRO) Ann Cooper  John Sockett
Independent Wesleyan Church Sally Cooper     
Methodist Church Sanders & Sanders Ltd Technical Assistance
Mission Church Mrs Jean Wills  Redhead Designs (Kenton White)
Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) John Wills  Michael Cox
Northampton Central Library (Local Studies) Mrs & James Flack Matthew Shaw
Rushden & District History Society (RDHS) Preparing the Web pages Mark1Audio (Andy Crawley)
Rushden Historical Transport Society (RHTS) Sue Blake Checking, typing, transcribing & general assistance
Rushden Library Robert Clark
Rushden Museum Kay Collins Roy Ackroyd
Rushden Town Council Sue Comont Megan Butler
St Mary's Church John Comont John Collins
St Peter's Church Gill Hollis Dominica Jones
St Peter's Roman Catholic Church Alan Iliffe Peter Inns
Wellingborough Library  Sandy Iliffe Jane Linnitt
Interviewers George Jennings John Martin
Donna   Aitken David Jones Susan Manton
Rae  Drage  Jacky Lawrence Margaret & Jim Matthews
Jacky Lawrence  Susan Manton Karon Rice
Mike Hill Karon Rice Gill  Sear
Margaret   Shelton Greville Watson Margaret & Brian Shelton
        Stephen  Swailes
Photographs are not generally acknowledged individually. The following people have allowed us to copy
picturesfrom their personal collections. We extend our grateful thanks and appreciation to them all.
Donna Aitken Ann & James Flack Graham Penness
Don Annis Eric Fowell Alan Pinnell
Jon Anton A J George (Bequest RDHS) Jill & Bill Poole
Eileen Bailey John Gray Susan Powell
Tony Bathurst Ron Green Janet & Roy Presland
Bill & Nicky Bates David Hall Maggie Prickett
Margaret Benning Christine Harbour Pat Quickenden
Derek Britten John Harley Sanchia Redston
Mary Brooke Lorna & Ken Haverson Karon Rice
Cynthia Brown Tony Helsdown Terry Rice
Colin Bryant Ed Hitcham Paul Roberts
John Burton Audrey Hitcham Dick Rogers
Peter Butler Gill & Jim Hollis Gerald Sanders
Jon-Paul Carr Marian Hollomon Mo Sheppard
Christine Carter Nick Holt Eileen & Bill Sinfield
David Clark Peter Horn Doris Smith
Jan Clark Vera Horn Ken Smith
Madge Clark Jean Hunt Mollie Smith
Michael Clark Alan & Sandy Iliffe Peggy Strickland
Theresa & Robert Clark Eileen & Cliff Iliffe Brian Strudwick
Joy Clayson Pat & Eric Jenkins Don Sturgess
Kay & John Collins Dominica & David Jones Madeleine Sturgen
Susan & Barrie Collins Celia Limmage John Sugars
Doreen Cooper Phil Langdon (Australia) Betty Teague
Alan Copperwheat Sue Manton Brian Toby
Gordon Cox Irene Martin Frank Toone
Jude Curtis John Martin Christine Tye
Peter Danby Shirley Miller Ann & Peter Warren
Doreen Denny Mrs Joyce Moore Greville Watson
Bill Donald Megan Morris Margaret Whiteman
Rae Drage Ray Moule Bob Whitworth
Derek Elmer Stella Myers Geoff Wiggins
Dorothy Elmer Daphne & John Newell Candy Willmott
Ken Eyles Leslie Norman June & Don Wills
Kathryn Filsell Alan  Pack  Clive  Wood 

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