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Road Widening Scheme - 1934
High Street
c1930 The Fish shop where Rollie Cox traded, he lived over the shop
Feathers Inn - Woolworth's & Maypole built 1926 just beyond
Rollie Cox's Shop and Fish Supper Rooms at
107, 109 & 111
High Street

In order to widen the road these properties were demolished, and a new building erected further back from the road.

The Feathers Inn was rebuilt, J Sweeny's became Roses Fashion Centre, and the Fish Supper Rooms became three new shops: Knitwool, Tomalin's, and Adkins Cycles. The offices above were named Cox's Chambers.

The new Feathers Inn, Rose Fashion Centre, and three shops - rebuilt

43-45 High Street
The entrance to Rollie's Cafe was down a passageway between two shops. c1968

Another site in High Street called Post Office Yard had just been cleared next to the National Provincial Bank, and and redeveloped and Rollie Cox took this chance to move to 45 High Street.

The rebuilt block 107-111 High Street c1990

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