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The Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th February, 1936, transcribed by Gill Hollis
Rushden Becomes Important
Reason for Building of New Feathers Inn

  Provisional approval was given at Wellingborough Licensing Sessions on Friday for the erection of a new public house on the site of the Feathers Inn in High-street, Rushden.

  Col. T. M. Jarvis, of Messrs. Charles Wells, Ltd., applied for a provisional new publican’s licence for premises to be built upon the site of the present Feathers Inn, Messrs. Wells being the owners.

  There was no opposition to the application.

  Mr. M. Dunbar Van Oss, making the application, said that the new conditions brought about by the development of Rushden had made the owners believe that the house no longer fulfilled the need which was arising, and that it was only proper to make an application to secure power to demolish the old premises and to put up a thoroughly modern and suitable house, for which they asked for a full licence.

  Mr. Van Oss said that if the alterations were effected the highway authority would obtain more space without any expense.

A Shopping Centre

  Rushden was now in a state of development when it was ceasing to be a small town and was becoming a town of some importance, and a shopping centre.

  The new house was not a new unit, but a broadening of facilities which already existed, and to bring the house into line with others in the same main street.

  Major C. Goode, architect, of Bedford, explained the plans, and said the change would be a good thing.  The house would be set back 5ft. 6in. at one end and 7ft  6in. at the other, and the roadway would thus be widened.

  Col. Jarvis, manager of the firm, said that they knew the town was developing very rapidly, and the firm had noticed the narrow streets.  They thought that setting the house back and erecting new buildings in keeping with others in the town would be a great improvement.

  When cars were left in the street, it soon became blocked, and to alleviate this the firm had acquired land at the back for parking purposes.

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