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Elmham 1 & 2

1902 when George Selwood's new house is being built beyond
Elmham where the Charles Bradfield was living.

Charles Luther Bradfield first built 'Elmham' at 114 Newton Road. He applied to the Council to have plans passed for a villa residence in July 1897. He named the property Elmham after his father's birth place.

Charles standing in the proch. Note the stained glass window to the left.

Photos of Elmham during construction c1897/8 from an album belonging to W E Sargent

Rear view - perhaps Emily in the doorway?

In 1898 he married Emily Sargent, widow of Walter Sargent who had died two years earlier. Charles and Emily and her two children, William Edward and Lizzie M, moved to Elmham, 114 Newton Road.

In 1903 Emily and her son William Edward Sargent, and nephew Walter Leigh Sargent signed a deed of partnership as shoe manufacturers in Crabb Street, to be known as Walter Sargent & Co.

Charles at work in the garden

taking tea in the garden
Taking tea in the garden c1905.
Charles, Emily, possibly Charles' mother Martha (died 1907)
and Lizzie Sargent, daughter of Emily.

Lizzie M Sargent married Joseph Catlow, in London in 1905. They eventually lived at St Annes on Sea.

above: BD-310 - captioned 'Sargent, Pightles Cottage'
where Wm Edw Sargent lived in 1914.

right: outside Elmham

122 120
122 formerly 116
Built in 1902 for George Selwood
Elmham - 120 formerly 114
was the home of Charles Luther Bradfield until 1919

Charles applied to build another house opposite Elmham in 1919. He took the name of Elmham with him to his new property. The old house was renamed Eastonwood by Mr & Mrs Fred Hawkes.

The second Elmham is now called The Croft. [107 Newton Road]

Emily died in 1925 and Charles died in 1933 and they are buried in graves C215/216 in Rushden cemetery.

To the memory of Emily the beloved wife of Charles Luther BRADFIELD who died Dec 8th 1925 aged 73 years. Also of Charles Luther BRADFIELD who died Aug 20th 1933 aged 75 years.

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