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from a photocopy from E Fowell

National Deposit Friendly Society
Roll of Honour WWI

Entries on this page of the Roll of Honour were copied by hand.

The first column lists "In Memorium" and the other two columns headed "Members".

The whole Roll is on three pages and the final four names are the lady members who served in WWI.

One of the lady members was well known in the town - Miss Clipson, who became an Officer Sister of the St. John Ambulance and the Nursing Division Superintendent of the Rushden Nusing Association.

more than one - see WWI Names

In Memoriam Members Members (contd)
George William CLARK Zachariah SPRIGGS George William Joseph PERKINS
John Henry William PALMER George WARR Leonard Ward BRAWN
John Henry CLIFTON Willie EDWARDS William Henry WINSOR
Bertram Enos Mason COLEMAN Jesse Joseph COLEMAN Sydney Thomas SMITH
George James DRAGE Frederick George WHITE Charles Wilson SMITH
William Henry SPRIGGS Clarence CHATTELL William Herbert DENTON
Laurence JAMES Albert DELL John Sydney DENTON
Alfred CROSSLEY Israel STEVENSON Harold Frank BALL
John William SMITH* William CHATTELL J? William CLIFTON
Harry WAGSTAFF Arthur DEWERS? Albert George FULLER
John Darby WEBSTER William Richard JOLLEY? Alfred Harry SARGENT
Arthur George Percy JOYCE Ernest Charles CATLING Reginald Reuben THEW
Frederick William TURNEY Austin Marmaduke HANDS? James ROGERS
John Edward Chaplin WELCH William Herbert HOLYOAK Charles Edward ROGERS
Frank Watson BALLARD William Marcus BURGESS Joseph Arthur SHELTON
Reginald Thomas TRAYNAR Horace Arthur LADDS Ralph George JOLLEY
Raymond Alexander PERCIVAL Frank TASSELL Frank ATTLEY
Arthur Reginald WILSON Horace Bernard  HOLYOAK Reginald JAMES
Harry [?Welsh Fusilier] MORRIS? Joseph Thomas TUFFREY Albert Edward Charles HOLLEY
Harry Charles Fredk WHITNEY Wilfred Herbert HAZELDINE Reginald Kersey GREEN
Arthur Edward BETTLES George DARNELL Arthur Clifford TURNER
George SMITH William Alfie? ROGERS Arthur George CLIFTON
Cyril Frank WILSON Frederick William WALDEN Joseph West PERKINS
George William BURT Frederick William JAMES Da… SMITH
Charles Henry CLARK* George? C? PARKER? John OSBORNE
Lewis KNIBBS Sydney Abraham BANKS? Charles William James PERCIVAL
Donald Alex'r Herbert DUDLEY Sydney Thomas FLETCHER? Walter George DICKENS

Members (contd) Members (contd) Members (contd)
Thomas Alfred S? KNIGHTON James Arthur COMPTON James Lindsay CLIPSON
Sydney Mason HALES Percy PERCIVAL John Samuel ODELL
John William WRIGHTON Harry PENNESS Joseph Walter FELCE
Henry George JAMES Frederick Carl BAILEY William WIGGINS
Charles William SHARPE William Reginald ROBINSON Walter JAMES
Herbert Sydney HALL James PENNESS Horace Henry WHITTINGTON
Harry FREEMAN? Charles Edward ALLEN Lionel Charles MEAD
Charles Horace LEWIS Hubert Randal TRAYNAR Albert Victor MEAD
Arthur LAYFIELD Ernest Frank BAKER Percy Raymond SCOTT
William LAYFIELD Sydney Harold BRAWN Arthur Henry COX
Frank MORRIS Arthur Edward ATKINS Joseph Sydney MEAD
Wilfred MORRIS Stephen Sydney WILSON William WHITWORTH
John Charles BRADSHAW Herbert WINSOR?  John TASSELL
Arthur Edward DENTON Herbert Mills? CLIFTON Reginald Francis BETTLES
Arthur George W? TRAYNAR William Harry SMITH William LAWRENCE
John Pettit COBLEY Horace WINSOR? Harold Vincent PERCIVAL
Roland BAILEY Charles ODELL Frank Thomas CLARK
John Alfred PICKERING Arthur Randolph MEAD Edwin Archibald WEBSTER
Frank Joseph M? D? STRINGER John SMITH Percy THEW
Harry George DENTON Frank PERCIVAL Leonard HOLYOAK
Arthur PERKINS Alfred WATSON Arthur Clifford SUMPTER

Members (contd) Members (contd) Members (contd)
Herbert John PERKINS Frederick Leonard SEARS William Harold BROCKLESS
Leslie Richard POTTER George William BARNES Percy Thomas HILL
Albert Thomas LATTIMORE Redvers William Chas WHITEMAN Thomas Ernest RATTLEY
William J PECK Charles Arthur Amos WHITWORTH Albert (senior) SMITH
Leonard John WHITTERING Harold George Osborn BARKER Arthur SMITH
Frederick William SWINDALL George Cecil Newland FOUNTAIN Albert (junior) SMITH
Percival Lewis HART Albert DICKENS David William PERCIVAL
Samuel James CLIFTON Charles Albert RICHARDSON Harry WEEKLEY
Frederick CHATTELL Frederick Arthur SYKES Archibald SHORTLAND
Ernest CHATTELL John William CLARK William BATES
Percy HORNE Herb't Philip Stoneham PECK John William   LYMAGE
Ralph Winsor DUDLEY Alfred John George POTTER Arthur DOWNING
Horace WILLS John Vincent? MEADOWS George BAYES
Sydney DICKENS John William GORDON Frederick SMITH
Frederick Kenneth HOPPER Thomas Ralph CHILDS    
Ernest FREEMAN? George Frederick SMYTHEM?    
Herbert Harry NEAL Frederick M? TWELVETREE Gertrude Annie EASTWARD?
Frank                     CHATTELL Sydney George LEACH Florence Clara CLARK
Ernest ROBINSON Joseph John PAGE Winifred Mary CLIPSON
Hubert George Elijah WATLING Harry BENNETT Alice Mary STRINGER
James William CURE Arthur William WILLMER    
John Ernest ALLEN Cyril Percy DRAPER    
Ronald William BASS Frank John ROWBOTHAM    

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