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Newton Bromswold

Left: Newton church fete - Centre: St Peter's Parish Church - Right: The village schoolchildren c.1910

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History & Development Genealogy Methodists
History by J. Bridges 1791 Parish Registers 1562 - 1994 Methodist Circuit 1792-93
The Parish 1841 Census Introduction
Water Supply Census Data Index Memories & Events
Under Rushden? 1931 Wills Index 1887 Queen's Jubilee
Benchmarks Oaths of Allegiance 1673 -1688 Mrs Mills Retires
Listed Buildings Strays in Bedfordshire Registers Carol Singing 1928
London Gazette Extracts Harvest Festivals
Church Workhouse in Rushden Genealogy Memorial Hall opening
History of St Peter's "Rushdenite" 1850-1927
Churchyard extension Health & Welfare
Churchyard management Accident Reports Notes from the Newspapers
Memorial Inscriptions Prize Fight
Religious Census 1851 Pensions Committee (under Rushden) Snippets
Harvest Thanksgiving 1878
Re-opening of Church 1879 Land, Property & Taxation People
Confirmations 1884 Lay Subsidy 1543 Obituaries Index
Rood Screen - War Memorial Property Tax - warrant 1814 Mrs Mills
Organ Fortescue's Estate 1832 Frank Toone
Snippets Sales - 1881 & 1882 Richard Wakefield
Fete 1921
Parishes Divided 1928 Valuation 1905 Law & Order
Ladies' Friendship 1983-2006 Valuation 1910 Court Reports
Chalkwell Court Case 1917
Commerce Farm Census 1952 Quarter Sessions
Alehouses - 1630 Harris' Farm Rev Hinkson
Chalkwell Swan Inn

War & Wartime
Directories Leisure Inhabitants c1590
Melville's 1861 Events Montagu Musters - early 1600's
Whellan's 1874 Feast Celebrations Able Bodied Men 1638
Phillipson's 1910 Fetes Money Lent - 1643
Kelly's 1906 & 1910 Outings Militia Lists & Indexes
Barrett's 1956 Guides Soldiers newsclips
Women's Institute War Memorials

Wartime Hospital Fund
Education Local Government Wartime - newsclips
School - mainpage Poll Book 1695
Electoral Roll 1834 Blackberry Picking 1918
Fires Electoral Roll 1918 Evacuees
Harris' - Hay Ricks Absent Voters 1918 Evacuees at the School
Electoral Roll 1925 Home Guard

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