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Wollaston Village
villages of the Hundred Area map
The villages of the Higham Ferrers Hundred
Map showing the area around the county boundary

Church & Chapels History
Church Brief Village History & Trade Directories
Vicars of Wollaston 1219-1929 Postcards - Village Scenes
Bellringing Peals Museum
Baptist Church After 1916 Blizzard
Compton Census 1676 Benchmarks
Congregational - Independent Listed Buildings
Religious Census 1851
Meeting Houses
Sunday Schools - Rushden District - notes Land, Property & Taxation
Freeholders 1605
Commerce Hearth Tax
Commerce Index Window Tax 1750
Trade Directories Land Tax 1801
Provident Society 1876-1926 Land & Property Sales
Pecks Transport Fitzwilliam Estate Papers - catalogue
Shoe Trade - see under Rushden Deeds
Shoe & Leather Trades - 1916
Rules of East Northants Co-op 1944 Leisure
Shoe Trade Union Events
Provident Society Jubilee 1926
Crime Scouts
Presentments 1693-1790 Boxing Tournament 1928
Prisoners - Calendars
Heritage Society Museum
Quarter Sessions Cases
Court Reports
Genealogy Inquests Index (Northampton reports)
Inhabitants 1590s Obituaries Index
Inquests Index (Northampton reports) Pensions Committee (under Rushden)
Wills Index St John Ambulance
Poll Books 1702:1705:1730:1748:1806
Badgers Licences School Sports
Hair Powder Certificates 1796/7
Naturalisation Certificates
Northampton Hospital 1744-1773
Parish Registers United Counties
Census 1841-1901
War & Wartime
Dates and Abbreviations Civil War Money 1643
Other NRO documents Owners of Arms 1660
Workhouse Births
Militia Lists
Workhouse Deaths Waterloo
Absent Voters 1927 + 1933 St John Ambulancemen Boer War
Registrar of Births etc. VTC 1915
War Memorial
Newsclips Wartime
News Clips Index Wartime Awards
Fires Soldiers' Notes WWI
Soldiers' Notes WWII
Evacuees 1939

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