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Article and photos by Paul Wright, April 2023
Fresh Fish
142 Wellingborough Road

new shop
Open Spring 2023

Rather than reading the magazines, or considering having my teeth whitened, or watching the cooking shows on the TV in the waiting room of my dentist in Brookfield Road, I was looking out on to Wellingborough Road, and noted a new venture seemed to be springing up during late Springtime of 2023.

It was in the shape of a “Fishmonger” - this is in the building that was previously a funeral directors in Wellingborough Road for a number of years.

So now we have a much needed new venture in town, and it opened on Tuesday 16th May at 9.00. It is a family business run by Gentian and Ledina Hazizaj.

service team work
Can we help?
Team work.

The fresh produce comes from Billingsgate market in London, and was selected from the market at 1.00 that very morning.

The counter display was all looking perfect, and customers were casting their eyes over the catch from various depths of the sea.

choice selecting
Take your pick.
Choosing from counter.

So pop in and see what you fancy, from the variety of fish in all shapes and sizes. Also fresh Lobster is available too.

Rushden High Street was blessed with a really special fishmonger, until its closure in 1988. Many of you know will know exactly who it was? 

It was run by Jim and Margaret Bugby, and their shop window display at Christmas time was a work of art in itself. It seemed such a shame, when someone asked for a part of it to be removed for their purchase.

The former staff were always doing their best to serve customers with a smile and a chat. That went back over the 109 year pedigree for Jim and his staff, who had shops in other towns.

So back to the present day in 2023, and “Rushden Fresh Fish” is now open, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

for you.

So it might be an ideal time to forget about frozen fish, a packet of Fish Fingers or boil in the bag of fish in sauce.

And let them give you advice about their fresh products including cod, halibut, lobster, and mussels etc. The shop is located next to Mike Wells Cars Ltd in Wellingborough Road.

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