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Grangeway Shops

Grangeway shops in the 1970s
This new shopping area in Grangeway to provide service to the area on the boundary of Rushden where the Home Farm Estate had been built during the 1960s. The only survivor today is Janick hair salon. [2023] Photo from the Eric Fowell Collection

The sign
The Viking in 2007

The Viking was built in 1976 for Charles Wells Ltd., to serve the new Grangeway and Home Farm estate. The first public house to be built in Rushden since WWII.

A new Co-op store was built on the site of the Viking, in 2018, after it been stood empty for sometime.

Photos taken 17th October 2023 at 9.40am
Occupied are News & Booze, The Bake House, Janick's Hairdressers, and the Fish & Chip shop.
4 open, 2 closed anotherclosed unit
one of the robot delivery trucks by the wall Co-op

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