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Help Wanted

the embroidery
This circular piece of embroidery has been given to Rushden Museum. Nothing is known of its origins.

Around the edge and in a pattern between the embroidery there are school name tapes from the 1960s. They are all boys' names.

If you can help to identify the reason for it being made or the person who assembled the name tapes and stitched them in place, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

Do you recognise the names? 
Was it a youth group? 
Were they sportsmen?
Were they a school class?
Names around the Edge
Ian Callas
Raymond Bwye
Trevor Blanchard
David  Barrow
Adrian Barnes
Stephen Bailey
John  May
Brian Hill
John Tehan
James Hall
Keith Gurney
Patrick Giles
William Gadd
Hugh Farrow
Bernard Denton
Raymond Cottle
David Cleland
Howard Chapman
Keith Carpenter
Stephen Cann
Brian Calvert
Names in the Centre
Antony Pipe
Peter Taylor
Peter Ward
Brian Whiddett
Roy Hamilton
David  Jones
Harry Waterhouse
David  Shaver
Melvyn  Owens
Peter Suter
Richard Sellars
Gordon Sutton
Dennis Riley
Graham Negus
Raymond Thebault
Victor Rawlins
Michael Searle
Peter Lowe
Mark Hawkins
Kenneth Smith
Malcolm Ramage
John  Walters
Alan Thompson
Douglas Wells
Alphabetical List B-J Alphabetical List L-W
Stephen Bailey Peter Lowe
Adrian Barnes John  May
David  Barrow Graham Negus
Trevor Blanchard Melvyn  Owens
Raymond Bwye Antony Pipe
Ian Callas Malcolm Ramage
Brian Calvert Victor Rawlins
Stephen Cann Dennis Riley
Keith Carpenter Michael Searle
Howard Chapman Richard Sellars
David Cleland David  Shaver
Raymond Cottle Kenneth Smith
Bernard Denton Peter Suter
Hugh Farrow Gordon Sutton
William Gadd Peter Taylor
Patrick Giles John Tehan
Keith Gurney Raymond Thebault
James Hall Alan Thompson
Roy Hamilton John  Walters
Mark Hawkins Peter Ward
Brian Hill Harry Waterhouse
David  Jones Douglas Wells
    Brian Whiddett

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