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A History of Education

Tennyson Road Infants in 1944 Alfred Street Junior School Rushden Adult Schools in about 1960
Left to right: Tennyson Road Infants, Alfred Street Junior, the Adult Schools in Wellingborough Road

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General History Primary (Junior) Schools
Introduction (includes audio clip) First Schools 1851
Early Schools
First Schools 1851
School Board Alfred Street (Board School)
Education Act 1870
1872 Schools Controversy
A Lesson in Rhyme 1879 Alfred Lord Tennyson School
Education Act 1902 - Resistance

History 1870-1933 by Mr Fred Corby

Denfield Park Junior
Charity - Report
National Schools - 1914
Arthur Mantle - Attendance Officer
Employment of Children Act 1920
New Fields for Schools 1929 Hayway Schools
Education Committee - mainpage
Newton Road
School Bus 1955 North End
Teaching - News & Notes
National Union of Teachers South End
Retirements & New Head Teachers 1950

Nursery Schools Whitefriars
Mrs Wagstaff's School
Miss Wagstaff's School
Miss Dobell's Kindergarten - Photos
Memories of Tennyson Rd Nursery 1940s
Manor Farm Nursery
Jack & Jill Nursery
New Nursery 1969
Memories of Hayway Nursery 1989-92 Empire Day 1932
Hayway Nursery Unit 1990
Little Street - Nursery 1990

Infant Schools Elementary/Secondary Schools
Alfred Street (Board School) Woodwork Classes 1898

Careers Convention 1971
C of E behind the Coffee Tavern Boys' Education 1949-1991
Hayway Infant School
Mission Hall

Moor Road


National Schools (South End)
Hayway Schools
North End Secondary Modern (mainpage)

Newton Road (Board School)

Chichele School (mainpage)
South End Rushden School (mainpage)
School Leavers 1951
Tennyson Road Wellingboro' Technical School 1957


Grammar School & High School
WGS - Memories 1940s
WCHS Memories

Schools Admissions Books Help Wanted, please
Introduction Embroidery
Alfred Street School 1881
Newton Road School 1918
Music & Elocution
South End School 1870 Music & Elocution Successess

J Enos Smith - Music Teacher
Adult Education George Farey
Adult School - mainpage Miss B A Fisher - Music Teacher
Miss Connie Hall

Mr J W Randall - Music Teacher

Bernard Tomkins
Free Education 1889 Schools Music Festival 1953
Workers Educational Association - WEA
Evening Institute National Union of Teachers
Adult Learning Newsclip 1951

Boot & Shoe School Scholarships, Exams & Degrees
Boot School 1900 Scholarships

New Technical Institute 1928

Herbert Sargent 1889

Brian Clayton
Jack Tear - WEA Memories (+ audio clips) Exam Successes

Private Schools School Sports & Leisure
Private Schools Schools Athletics 1927
Rose Hill School Schools Athletics 1928
Mrs George Farey County Athletics 1930
Miss Payne's High School Elementary Sports Day 1932
Eastfields High School Challenge Shield
Mr Walker's - Commercial School Xmas Parties 1932
Rushden Grammar School
County Athletics 1933

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