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Griffith Street - 1890
The top of Griffith Street - Valentines Postcard c1905

Griffith Street was laid out in lots for a sale on 10th April 1890, and the Argus Newspaper reported who had purchased the various lots the following day.

The Argus, 11th April 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins
the sale notice

PROPERTY SALE — Mr. F. S. Abbott offered for sale at the Coffee Tavern on Thursday evening several lots of valuable property in the centre of Rushden, abutting on the High-street, and a new street connecting the High-street with Park-road, the whole being the property of Mrs. Mantle. Lot 1, consisting of 861 square yards fronting the High-street, was withdrawn at the reserved price, 4s. 11d. per yard. Lots 2, 3, and 4, consisting of 1,170, 1,008, and 933 yards respectively, were knocked down to Mr. C. Bayes, at 3s. per yard. Lot 5, consisting of 603 yards, was purchased by Mr. J. Margetts for 3s. 1d. per yard. Mr. T. Willmott bought Lot 6 (1,287 yards), at 2s. 6d. Mr. W. S. Knight bought Lot 7 (783 yards) at 2s. 11d., and Lot 8, was knocked down to Mr. S. Knight, jun., at 2s. 9d. per yard. Lots 9 and 11 (766 and 750 yards) realised 2s. 11d. per yard, Mr. C. Bayes being the purchaser. Mr. S. Knight bought Lot 10 (827 yards) at 2s. 9d., whilst Lot 12 (833 yards), was bought by Mr. W. S. Knight at 2s. 9d. per yard. Mr. C. Robinson bought Lot 13 (733 yards) at 2s. 11d.; Mr. G. White, Lot 14 (837 yards) at 2s. 11d ; and Lot 15, consisting of 722 square yards was purchased at 2s. 11d. per yard, by Mr. C. Robinson. Lot 16 (711 yards) realised 3s. 3d., Mr. J. Barwick being the purchaser; and Dr. Owen bought Lot 17 (845 yards) at 4s. per yard. Lot 18 having a frontage to High-street, was withdrawn at 5s. 11d. per yard. Messrs. Simpson and Mason were the solicitors.

The farmhouse c1980s
Sale Lots (above) and the Plan (below)

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