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Surveys and Notes on Streets, Yards & Terraces
Various surveys that have come to hand or been researched since 2007

Robbs Yard - Note for Mr. Seery [unknown origin]
34/36 High Street South, Rushden (Robbs Yard)
Shown on the plan attached the site of two buildings numbered as 34 and 36 High Street South but purportedly formerly known as Robbs Yard. These three storey brick built properties are within the ownership of Manns (Northampton) Brewery Co. Ltd., Northampton and are currently leased to Mr. Moore the greengrocer at 26 High Street South.

No entries are contained in the Rushden Urban District Council's register of houses in Clearance Areas respecting these properties although the register does refer to 28, 30 and 32 High Street South where demolition was undertaken in November, 1949. Their present use is as storage in connection with the lessee's shop trade and it may be that this use was current even at the time of demolition of the other properties within this yard. Evidently constructed as dwelling houses and still retaining fireplace fixtures and stairways the buildings are blind-backed onto land owned by the Rushden Conservative Club.

The lessee acknowledges that the buildings are in poor repair and the roofs are now leaking and unsound. In consequence his use of the buildings is limited to storage of a small quantity of unspoilable items such as potatoes.

Map of the cottages off High Street South

24 the Waggon and Horses

26 a shop kept by Jane Wells in 1916,
later florist/greengrocer George Moore.

After WWII, 38 was Bill Poole's shop
40/42 Barry Miller, hairdesser,
44 the Conservative Club
46 the birthplace of Bernard Vann VC

House Plaques and Date Stones, Surveys, and Notes

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