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Extracts from the Minute Books, by whom is unknown but had added notes [ ]
Local Board

The question of forming a local board was brought up at a Vestry Meeting on April 5th 1890 by the Chairman. In introducing it he remarked that a few years ago they applied for urban powers for Rushden and although they did not get all they wanted then, the authorities at Wellingborough had allowed the committee full powers to deal with Rushden affairs, but they had no power over the footpaths neither could they enforce a building line or levels. Since then the place has grown very rapidly and very dirty, and although money matters had held the question back for some time, the committee now thought that something must be done. Mr. Wilkins proposed and Mr. F. Knight seconded “That the Parochial Committee take what steps they consider necessary to obtain a Local Board for the Parish.”

Mr. Ward wished to know if the Board would have control of all the roads and paths in the parish.

The Chairman replied in the affirmative and stated that the turnpike roads would still be under the care of the County. Mr. Paul Cave wished to add to the resolution that the Irchester and Wellingborough roads be added to the main roads. Mr. Sartoris explained that after the new railway was constructed the traffic on these roads be added to the main roads. Mr. Sartoris explained that after the new railway was constructed the traffic on these roads would be greatly reduced and then they would probably not be used any more than when he was a boy. After discussion the resolution was carried with only Mr. W. Claridge voting against.

Extracts from the Minutes of
Meetings of The Local Board for Rushden

28th May 1891 – April 1896

28th May 1891

Midland Rail Report
The chairman had an interview with the Engineer of the new line and he agreed to make the span of the new bridge at the main road, at the north end of town, 35 feet instead of 25 feet. The Chairman suggested that the Board should adjourn to the site at the close of the meeting.

The Clerk was instructed to ascertain the price of horse and steam rollers.

New road off Church Street. (Later called John Street).

8th June 1891

Midland Rail
Reported that the bridge span would have to be 40 feet and the level to the road should have an extra 12 inches.
Fire Brigade request permission to attend the Crystal Palace Exhibition in July.

20th June 1891

Road Materials - Slag
That the Kettering Iron & Coal Company should deliver 1000 tons of slag to Irchester station at 3s.9d. per ton.

3rd July 1891 Fire Brigade
A bill had been presented for £3.10.0d by Dr. E. J. Freeman for half-a-year's rent of a barn for storing the fire engine, as per agreement with the Rural Sanitary Authority. Resolved that the bill be paid.
16th July 1891 

Towns' Police Clauses Act
The proof bill setting forth offences was submitted and approved.

75 bills ordered to be printed and posted about the town.

Fire Brigade 
Mr. F Knight requested the purchase of ladders to be attached to the fire engine. Resolved that the necessary ladder could be pur­chases for no more than £4.O.Od. [N.B. 1996 - The Fire Brigade ladder sold for £56.]

13th August 1891  The Green
The Chairman reported that the Committee had considered the sugg­estion to remove the rails from the front to the side of The Green but could not recommend its adoption. They considered, however, that the rails might with advantage be set back 2 feet in order to widen the foot-path to that extent. They also recommend that the bye-laws should be adopted on the model framed by the Local Government Board considering The Green and Market Place. Resolved that the report be adopted.

10th September 1891

Mr. Bush applied for permission to display goods on the street in front of his High Street shop on Saturdays and Feast Week.

School Lane otherwise White's Lane.

The Surveyor was instructed to put the foot-path running from High St into Duck Street in a thorough state of repair for foot passengers.
[William Pare Surveyor 1891]

Bad Language
Police report obscene language by Frederick Denton and Arthur Bennett. Resolved that proceedings be instituted in these cases. (N.B. At most meetings the Police report similar offences.)

15th October 1891 The Common Seal is ordered.
29th October 1891 Independent Chapel, 2 cottages in Queen Street, passed.
Jaques & Clarke, Boot & Shoe Manufacturers, applied for a stable to be erected off Fitzwilliam Street.
19th November 1891 

Hire of Heavy Roller
The Surveyor was instructed to make arrangements with Rushden Town Cricket Club to hire out the roller for 2s.6d. per day.

22nd October 1891
Two cottages in Knight's Yard not fit for human habitation. Owners to be ordered to put them in a proper state.
3rd December 1891 Postal Arrangements
Resolved that the Chairman should forward a memo to the Postmaster General, calling his attention to the unsatisfactory postal arrangements for the town and asking him to make the Rushden office a Head Office.

The Green
The Chairman reported that the Committee had considered the suggestion to remove the rails from the front to the side of The Green but could not recommend its adoption. They considered, however, that the rails might with advantage be set back 2 feet in order to widen the foot-path to that extent. They also recommend that the bye-laws should be adopted on the model framed by the Local Government Board considering The Green and Market Place.
Resolved that the report be adopted.

25th March,1892

Public Lighting Account
Order in the sum of £153.5.2. to be transferred from the old Turnpikes Account to the above account.

12th May 1892 Post Office
Reply from PMG in answer to December's letter: There would be a better letter delivery and better Post Office accommodation would be met.
26th May 1892 Improvements to the approach to Rice's Field.
23rd June 1892  New Streets
Manton Road, Grove Road, Robert Street. £1000 put in loan for street improvements.
21st July 1892
New Streets
Victoria Road, Punns Lane. Water from the Capital & Counties Bank damaging road surface.
21st January 1892  The Green Pump
An application was made on behalf of Lilley & Skinner to have the Board remove the pump from the wall of the old Pound. Report to the Highways Committee.
4th February 1892  The Green
The Highways Committee report on this matter: That from the Minutes of Vestry Hall on the sale of the Pound, the pump could only be removed by the owners on the consent of the Vestry, and that Lilley & Skinner be informed.
31st March 1892 

Water Cart
A memorandum from the tradesmen in the High Street, asking the Board to provide a water cart, was considered. The Board expressed their sympathy with the object of the memo, but were agreed that action in regard of it, for the present, must be refused.

Church Clock
Resolved that the Board undertake for the winding-up, cleaning and repairing of the Church clock.

31st March 1892

The Green
The Committee requested to formulate regulations for the use of the ground for shows, etc.

Sunday Closing
The Seal of the Board was ordered to be affixed to the House of Comm­erce in favour of Sunday closing.

14th April 1892

The Chairman presented the paper relating to the recent election of three members of the Board and his return showing that Messrs. Fred Knight, George J. Battie, Henry Sparrow, had been elected members of the Board. Upon the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Willmott, it was resolved that a cheque be drawn upon the Treasurer for the cost of this election as undersigned:-

Shaw & Son - Stationery  £2.5.8d.

John Sargent  - £10.15.0d.

14th April 1892

Thirles Lane
A letter from J. Cave & Sons was read, asking the Board either to remove the posts in this lane near the Board School or to give a guarantee that it should be done at any time when required. Resolved that the Clerk be instructed to reply to Caves that their right at any time to have the posts removed was acknowledged, and that a hope be expressed that such right will not at present be executed.

Green Pump
Attention having been called to the state of the pump, it was resolved that the matter be left in the hands of Franklin & Wilmott, to examine whether it be possible to repair the same with advantage and, if so, to inform the Surveyor to have the necessary work carried out, otherwise to report to the Board.

12th May 1892 Post Office
A letter from the General Post Office, in answer to the Board's memo of December, was read; informing the Board that their wishes with regard to earlier delivery of articles and letters, and better Post Office accommodation would be met.
26th May 1892 Rice's Field
Mr. F. Knight and the Chairman were to attend to see Mr. Green, with a view to improving the approach to Rice's Field.
9th June 1892 Mr. Green has promised to consider the same.
7th July 1892 Foot-Ways
Cost of curbing: 6 feet x 12 inches at the price of 5s.9d. per yard and paving at 3s.9d.per yard. Park Road to be asphalted at 2s.Od per square yard.
29th September 1892  The Green
The Chairman drew attention to the nuisance arising from the use of the Green for shows, cocoanut throwing, swing-boats, shooting-galleries, etc. Moved that for the future all be prohibited. Seconded by Mr. G. Denton. An amendment failed and the approval was carried.
24th November 1892

Infectious Diseases Hospital
A letter from Mr. Sartoris (date not recorded),in reply to the Board's application for the purchase of land off the Bedford Road, was read; in which he offered to place 2 acres of land at the disposal of the Board on the same terms as had been previously offered to the Water-Works. Resolved that Mr. Sartoris generous offer be accepted. The Chairman reported that a temporary hospital had been erected by Messrs Humphrey on the site.

Plans Passed
Mr. E. Wrighton: for an additional floor to the factory in Crabb Street

9th December 1892
Fire Engine
Resolved that Thomas Brightwell be paid £8.0.0. per year for his special service as caretaker of the Fire Engine Station and Fire Engine.
[in a building off High Street, now Hamblin's Court]

From March 25th 1892, appointed on the basis of three months notice on both sides.

*The Fire Brigade Engine - House at the rear of Dr. E. J. Freeman's house, rented from him at £3.10.0. per year.
2nd February 1893

Foster Vorley attended the meeting and made application for a license to sell petroleum. Resolved that a license be granted on similar terms to those of previous years which the magistrates had granted.

Drinking Fountain
Application by the Rev. W. Tomkins for a drinking-fountain in the wall of the Village Green, to be maintained by the local Board. Resolved on condition that the Temperance Society put the fountain in good repair.

Repaired by J. S. Clipson, Church Street, for £9.10.0.

2nd February 1893 New Inn, High Street
Mr. Praed's plans for extensions passed.
13th April 1893 A plan was presented by Hewitt & Noble for the addition of store­rooms and stable to the present building in Moor Road. Passed.
27th April 1893 Mr. Hooper attended the meeting and made complaints as to the collection of tolls, and that no fixed regulation appears in force as to the size of stalls. The matter to be reserved to the Committee.
8th June 1893 Charles Hewitt's plan passed for altering the Post Office in High Street, Rushden.
14th September 1893 A clad gate should be erected at the new gas-works to replace the present style.
20th September 1893

The collector of tolls at The Green should be Mr. Maurice Skinner.

He had been collecting from 23rd March, and should receive £1.1.0. per annum.

28th September 1893 Plans passed for building the Congregational Chapel in Church Street.
26th October 1893 New Railway
The Clerk was instructed to write to the Midland Railway Co., urging upon them the advisability of commencing a passenger traffic service as soon as possible.
9th November 1893 Mr. Jonathon Northern applies for planning permission to build a new factory in New Street, later John Street [which could well have been named after him].

Ben Ladds plans for a factory in Wellingborough Road rejected for the 2nd time. Passed 7th December.

23rd November 1893 Ben Ladds to appear before the Committee for erecting a factory in Wellingborough Road without permission.

George Selwood's plan for a new factory in Harborough Road. Passed.

7th December 1893

Application made for a new railway siding for the new gas-works.

Ben Ladds attended the Urban District Council re the factory. A further inspection to be made by the Board Council.

7th December 1893
Extraordinary Traffic
Mr. Knight not voting. Resolved that the parties using the traction engine carting brick to the new school, Board School, Newton Road, be informed that the local Board will make claim for extraordinary traffic.
21st December 1893 Mr. Fitzwilliam
Resolved that the Surveyor institute proceedings against Fitzwilliam for laying out Station Road and Wentworth Road without permission or submitting plans.
21st December 1893 A letter from Mr. S. Harman 20.12.93 asking the Board to reconsider their notice to the owner of the traction engine to the Board Schools, Newton Road. Clerk to reply they adhere to their notice.

Hon. A. E. Fitzwilliam: Passed new street on Fitzwllliam Estate.

4th January 1894
Plans submitted by Mr. B. Bayes for a new road to be called Fletcher Road.
1st February 1894 

W. E. Darnell: Passed plan for new house, Church Street.

Mr. J. S. Clipson: Plans passed for house and shop, Church St. and Alfred St.

Cottages in High St. pulled down to make way for Stone Hurst to be built.

15th February 1894 Foot-path from Barn Yard to Co-op Row: A requisition signed by numerous residents of Sunny Side - Sunny Banks & Co-op Row, calling attention to the bad state of the foot-paths. The Board agreed to repair when soil obtained from the owners.
4th February 1894

Mr. J. T. Colson
Erection of Butcher's shop in North Street, past the Slaughter House, rejected.

Plans for Mr. Colson's slaughter-house approved.

Plans for Green's new factory passed.

29th March 1894
The attention of the Board having been called by Paul Cave to a building in the High Street, now being built by Robert Hooper; that the space at the rear thereof did not comply with requirements of the bye-laws with reference to new building. And the Surveyor having reported that he had visited the site with a plan submitted by Mr. Hooper for approval by the Board 18.1.94, and found that the plan was seriously incorrect, as to air space at the rear showing much more than really existed. After hearing Mr. Hooper on the matter, it was resolved that the Board's approval of the plan be rescinded, and Mr. Hooper should submit new plans and discontinue the building.
12th April 1894 Mr. E. Claridge
Rectory Road factory rejected owing to cesspool being too close to buildings. Passed by amended plan 26th April.

Austin Bond
Plan for new factory in Midland Road. Passed.

26th April 1894

Cricket Field
Water laid on to the Cricket Ground. £7.10.0 to be paid by the Club.

10th May 1894
Rushden Co-op
Park Road/Harborough Road slaughter-house. Passed.
5th July 1894
Mr. Ashdown - Northampton Capital Bank
Complained about the sanitary arrangements and the manufacture of Dowson gas on John Cave's factory premises. Action by 16th August for expert advice on the gas problem.
13th September 1894
Draper's shop in High Street South.
11th October 1894 Telephone Pole
The Clerk was instructed to apply to the National Telephone Co. for the usual rent paid by the Company, as with other authorities.
25th October 1894 Plans Submitted
W Green: Factories in Queen Street and Cromwell Road.
21st January 1895

A letter was read out from the secretary of the Tradesmen Association asking the council to receive a deputation to put forward views as to the desirability of providing a cattle and produce market for the town.

The deputation consisting of Messrs. G. Miller, H. Hobbs and R. Burton attended the meeting and Mr. Miller made a statement.

The chairman Mr. Wilkins explained the steps that would have to be taken prior to the introduction of a market.

27th February 1895 

Street Numbers
Quotations were received from Mr. George Miller and Mr. John Nattrass for oval enamelled iron door numbers as per sample. Approved by the committee. Quotes:   
Mr. Miller       4s. 2d. per doz.
Mr. Nattrass   4s. 3d. per doz.

The surveyor was instructed to order the plates from G. Miller and proceed with the numbering of houses in the district west of the brook from Samuel Knights house, Skinners Hill.

21st March 1895 

A requisition signed by 20 rate payers of the parish asking the board to establish a market was laid before the council.

Resolved that a meeting of the owners and ratepayers be called for the purpose of passing a resolution ... ... ... ...  to the council establishing a market be held at such time as the general purposes committee in consultation with the Tradesmen Association may fix upon.

27th March 1895  Rushden Steam Laundry
Building passed for erection. Allen Road.
27th March 1895 Lamplighter
Resolved that lamplighters wages be increased to 1/6 per night.
10th April 1895 Mr. Baines
Plans for two houses in Hayway passed subject to separate drains being constructed to each house into the cesspit. [61 Hayway]
13th March 1895 Mr. W. B. Sanders
Apply for erection of engine room adjoining his High Street factory. Passed.
18th April 1895

Street Numbers - Street Numbering
The plates supplied by Mr. Miller not being upto standard. Rejected by the surveyor.

Messrs. Willing of Northampton.  They could not supply up to standard. It was resolved to keep the plates delivered and to obtain further quote from Wolverhampton.

2nd May 1895 Slaughter Houses
Applications from Edward Warren and George Chettle for renewal of their slaughter houses was postponed for the Sanitary Inspector report of the state of the house in question.

New Sewerage Works 
Estimated cost    £12,500

The Clerk was instructed to communicate with Pendered's of Wellingborough with the valuation of the land.

Trees On The Green
The surveyor was instructed to have trees on the green protected by iron guards.

18th May 1895 Midland Railway
The Vice Chairman called attention to the present unsatisfactory rail service between Rushden and Wellingborough as far as connections concerned and other services. Resolve that representations should meet M.R. officers.
22nd May 1895

White Lane
Messrs. J. Cave made application to have the posts removed on the east side of Alfred Street to this lane.

Surveyor to comply with Cave's application.

5th June 1895

Mr. G. Denton of Denton Lane [George Street]

Plans for new engine room. Passed.

8th June 1895

Before commencing the ordinary business of the council the Chairman referred to the death of Mr. Gladstone and the following resolution carried unanimously.

The Urban District Council desires to place on record its sense of the great loss the country has sustained by the death of the Rt. Hon. W. Gladstone an adornation of the high standard maintained by him in public and private life and most respectfully tenders to Mrs. Gladstone and members of his family its sincere condolences.

27th June

Midland Railway
Mr. Spencer drew attention to the parapet of bridge on Washbrook Road and insufficient accommodation at the station.

[Note the wooden extra boards today - replaced many times]

Baths and Washhouses Acts
Mr. Spencer moved that application be made to Mr. Thomas Sanders for terms upon which he would permit the council to establish a public bathing place on his meadow near Ditchford Locks.

Mr. J. Claridge seconded. Carried.

13th July 1895 Midland Railway
Agree to run two extra trains per day to improve connections to start from 18th July.
 28th August 1895

Mr. Eli Robinson
For factory in Manton Road. Passed.

Mr. Northern   
Building a factory off Church Street without submitting plans.

Under construction. Must alter building to comply with building regulations.

11th September 1895 Plans
Mr. J. Crane for a Bakehouse, Shop, House in Higham Road. Passed.
19th September 1895

Gate in North Street
Mr. E. Claridge complaining by letter about gate posts and gate.

The surveyor was instructed to remove gate and post substituted.

Public Lamps
5/- reward for person reporting damaged lamp leading to conviction.

New gas lamp
17 new public gas lamps to be installed.

3rd October 1895

Medical Officer's Report
That two cases of scarlet fever in Bedford Road and Little Street.

The officer reported:
Sanders and Sanders
Jacques & Clarke

Boot & Shoe factory had deficient of closet accommodation

Stone Throwing
The police reported stone throwing on the green by Spencer Barker, Edwin King, Thomas Short and Harry Rice.

Resolved that the boy and parent should attend the committee on Wednesday.

A letter from Mr. Newman, 2nd October, calling for the inadequacy of police in Rushden.

The matter was instructed to be put to the County Council.

The boy above denied throwing stone matter. Adjourned.

17th October 1895 Stone Throwing
The boys again attended the committee, being cautioned by the Chairman, were dismissed.
4th December 1895  Ebenezer Wrighton
New shoe factory, York Road.  Passed plans.

Mr. R. Smith
New factory, Moor Road.  Passed plans.

Trees to be planted in Higham Road to Wellingborough Road. Quotes from J. Seckington, High Street, Mr. Betts, Queen Street.

To be obtained.

9th January 1896

Spencer Park Estate
Lilly & Skinner

To install new road with a 5 year agreement.

Vans on The Green
Mr. G. Skinner reported alleged nuisance on the green by persons using van as sleeping apartments.

Mr. Denton proposed no vans on the green.

The next book overlapped - but entries are added here in date order.
15th January 1996

Mr. Hobbs
Erection of new factory in Queen Street, passed.

6th February 1896 

Hospital Site Bedford Road
The clerk produced the engrossment of the deed of gift of two acres of land on the Bedford Road for the hospital already executed by Mr. Sartoris It was resolved that the common seal of the council be affixed to the deed produced.

19th March 1896 The Clerk reported that he had been unable to recover the expenses of the fire engine at the fire at Higham Ferrers in January 1895 amounting to £2 10s. 0d. from either Mr. Fitzwilliam or the Fire Ins. Co. and he was instructed to take proceedings for the recovery in the County Court.
2nd April 1896 

Green Toll    £8 2s. 2d.

8th April 1896 Road Materials
Cliff Hill Co.                                        300 tons
Mountseveral Co.                                 300 tons
Grosby Co.                                         600 tons
Kettering Iron Co.                            400 tons        4/0 per ton
Butlins & Co. Wellingborough            400 tons        4/6 per ton
16th April 1896 Glebe Lands
Formal notice from the rector of Rushden of his intention to apply to the Board of Agriculture for sanctions to sell part of the glebe lands was submitted and no objections taken thereto. [The ground belongs to Benefice of Gravely].
22nd April 1896

Mr. W. G. Willmott applied for new shop front 2 houses in Lion Terrage High Street Rushden The committee adjourned to inspect site.

30th April 1896 Praed & Phipps [The building of Stonehurst]
A plan submitted by Sharman & Archer on behalf of above showing a proposed line of frontage for new building about to be erected in the High Street between the New Inn and Mr. Radburne’s Houses. Agreed.
15th July 1896 Mr. James Knight Jeweller.
Proposed showroom alteration in Coffee Tavern Lane.
23rd July 1896 Mr. Watchorn
A renewal of a Pawnbroker licence. Granted.
12th November 1896 Mr. A. Franklin purchased the land between the railway bridge and Caves house, High Street, Rushden.  [The site of Royal Theatre eventually] from Masons, trustees.
22nd December 1897

New clerk Mr. Mason stands down.

Mr. F.W. Pratt chosen from 12 applicants.

Typhoid Fever
The inspector was instructed to order the destruction of bedding property of Eli Hides, South Terrace and make compensation of £1.15.0.

5th January 1898

Plan - The School Board
For extensions of school building in Alfred Street and Higgins Lane showing amongst other alteration of the main wall of the building on either side

1.      New class room
2.      Headmaster house

5th January 1898 White Lane
It was resolved that the posts 4 feet in height to be placed at the Duck Street end of Whites Lane to prevent being used for vehicular traffic.
2nd February 1898 Plans for a factory with store shed in Griffith Street.
9th March 1898

Unsound Meat
11 rabbits exposed for sale in Messrs. Bye & Co. in the High Street.

It was resolved that proceedings be instructed against John Bye the person in control of the business and in whose possession the rabbits were found under Sec. 117 of the Public Health Act 1875 and that the inspector be instructed to lay necessary information to prosecute.

Report 23rd March  

Mr. Bye appeared before the magistrates. The case was dismissed. The bench expressed the opinion the council and their officers were justified in the course adopted.

27th April 1898 Plans for John Cave & Son, High Street, for lock up shops and offices and store passed subject to staircase being constructed from second to first floor.
11th May 1898  A letter from Mr. Ashdown the secretary of local committee of Agricultural Show for the erection of 3 arches between the station and Wymington Road on the occasion of the show in June next.

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