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A series of photos taken by Derek Savory, for Eric Fowell
Wearproof Leather Co.
12 Alfred Street - 1993 Demolition

The Wearproof Leather Co. was started in the 1880s by Amos Cave, son of John Cave, in what had been the family's coachhouse. The stables were the workshop, the hayloft the leather store and the saddle room was the office.

In 1923 the Wearproof Leather Company in Alfred-street was in the hands of his son, Mr. R. P. Cave.

The firm probably moved to York Road sometime in the 1960s.

Later, this little building was the workshop of Don Winters. He cut out leather washers for local tradesmen, for a variety of purposes.


.... this suggests the brick stable was built on an even older stone building?

Eric Fowell (right) takes a look at the building shortly before demolition began

Eric takes a look inside.

Preparing to build on the site.
Note the Tall building behind, the rear of the former Natwest Bank.

Rushden Graphics now stands on this plot.

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