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H E Bates - a favourite walk

H. E., loved to walk the countryside, one of his many favourite walks from his home in Essex Road was to pass Pightles Terrace, through the Rushden Cemetery, over a stile, passing through Rices' fields to a short lane where Mostyn Bramley-Moore, a farmer, had refreshment rooms, where the Court Estate used to be. The premises are still there to-day, on the right of the lane stood Rushden Lodge, a small farm.

Passing over Avenue Road to the lane leading to Higham Park Lodge Farm, this walk lead us to Knotting village, with its lovely old church of St. Andrew. The tower had been restored just after the First World War. He knew farmer Joseph Pike of Knotting Green Farm.

While he was on these walks he would be working out his countryside stories of which his Grandfather Lucas had great influence and helped with, such as the many Uncle Silas stories.

Moving off from the tiny village of Knotting towards West Wood, this ancient spinney where you can hear the nightingales singing, leaving West Wood a few yards down the Bedford Road, the public Right of Way sign took him across the fields to the Park Lodge, where once 16th to 17th Century buildings stood next to the moated site.

Many members of the History Society went on this same walk some years ago, with Mr. R. White, one of our members who lives in Knotting Green, who showed us round the Church and whilst in the church played one of David Neal’s readings of the Uncle Silas stories.

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