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Rushden Town Walks

Map showing the main
Car Parks in Rushden.

Car Park 1 :
John Street
Car Park 2 : Rectory Road
Car park 3 : Duck Street
Car Park 4 : Splash Pool

Note: Some car parks have 2 or 3 hours restriction so please check
the signage before leaving.

This series of walks has been designed to help visitors and residents to see what was in the town over the last century, as it grew rapidly from village to town. Much has now gone.

The format is intended for you to print off a page to use as a guide as you tour the town, using the maps, and modern pictures to confirm where you are.

Links on the pages give an opportuinty to learn more.

2017 saw the opening of Rushden Lakes - where shopping and eating, alongside riverside walks, nature trails and canoeing are available. The walks connect to Stanwick Lakes, so longer walks can be undertaken by the more energetic. The Greenway has town centre walks/cycleways that connect to both.

(Reduced size - printout)
Blue Plaques Walk
(Reduced size - printout)
Tour of the Town
(Reduced size - printout)

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