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From the late Ruth Abbott's collection.
Mr. William Edward Abbott
Note: I have tried to transcribe all names but all handwriting is sometimes difficult to read - no names have been
confirmed or cross referenced from other sources. Possibly some of the RAMC were patients rather than staff. KC

William Edward Abbott in his
RAMC uniform in WWI

Ruth Abbott was proud of her grandfather’s RAMC service
and kept his autograph book and covered it, and wrote this.

William Edward Abbott served in WWI with the RAMC at Woodcote Park Hospital, Epsom, and he kept this autograph book. The first entry was in May 1917 by Canadian Pte W Franklin of the 43rd Canadians :

first entry
The first page

Two Canadians another member of RAMC
Two Canadian patients
A member of RAMC

members of the RAMC
Two more RAMC memebers working at the hospital.

F Ball seems to sign with 17.9.31
The Almeric Paget Massage Corps was a British physiotherapy service of women during WWI.

N E O Oswald
D F Sheldon
D Spencer Smith
J H Parsonson
Jesse O Wright
M Landers MacKenzie
F H Cooper
J M Dodgson
L L Dodgson
N Rowe
E Pettit
E Moysey Mackie
Ruth King
N Bentinck
J R Partridge
E Sharman
F. Clarke
Gladys King

Mary Kirby
J E Manning
D C Langley
E Cowen
J Caddelt
M J Couzens
A D Douglas
D C Forman
L Churs?
Gertrude M Atkinson
L C L Cuppage
K W Hunter
C E L Peshall
H MacArthur
H Verena Gwyther
Sheila Charles
E G Cooper
D Brookes

another RAMC memeber
Transcribed but may not be absolutely correct!

another member and a picture
An RAMC member wrote the message and "G.M." drew the picture
picture and note
This picture is unsigned and the note written by P G Cooper of the 14th Canadians

sketch picture
Sketch by R Lewis RFC
Picture by a member of the hospital staff

verse after one year of service
Another member of staff wrote this a year after overseas service by some of his pals

Canadian medic unsigned picture
A Canadian medic or patient

Wm Elliott A L Jackson
Another RAMC member
A L Jackson signs as Cavendish Electrician

toast verse
Pte George Paton RAMC
A verse

art portrait
A Canadian Sergeant
And an Australian

Corp Dawson G C of the 5th Cannoks ?
Corp Dawson from France
G C of the 5th Cannoks ?

Just a passer by note
Just a passer by
August 1917

Sketch by R Lewis of the RAF
another sketch

3 members of the Wyatt family?

a verse

observation cartoon

Maggie Nunn wrote this page
Maggie Nunn wrote this page
A picture of a bulldog

by RJAnderson
R S G Anderson

A Kench gives advice L/C Sisley RAMC drew the spot!
A Kench 1/4 Royal Sussex Regt.
L/C Sisley RAMC

C A Bowden A V Harte
C A Bowden 9th Comp RAMC
A V Harte 75th Canadians

A stamped emblem E Kingley's sketch
A stamped emblem
E Kingley's sketch

W Lapidge RAF
This one dated 1918 by W Lapidge RAF

April 1918

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