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Rushden Echo, 26th June 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Death of Mr. Walter Chettle
A Respected Resident of Rushden – A Painful Illness

With deep regret we have to record the death of a Rushden gentleman, comparatively young in years, until recently prominent in social circles, and highly respected wherever he went. We refer to Mr. Walter Chettle, photographer, who passed away on Tuesday at his residence, Higham-road, at the age of 38. Although his death has not been unexpected for some time past, the grief into which the deceased gentleman’s relatives have been plunged is none the less severe.

Some years ago Mr. Chettle went to Ireland to live and pursued the same profession by which he was known here. At Killarney he contracted an internal trouble from which he had never seemed to completely recover. His friends believe that the recent illness was traceable to this source. Although he did not always complain of feeling unwell, it is believed that the deceased gentleman suffered a great deal from pains in his head. In addition to other internal troubles it was stated that he had a tumour on the brain. It was not until about four months ago that Mr. Chettle was compelled to keep to his bed and he has not been able to get up since. He was not conscious for two or three days up to the end.

The deceased leaves a widow and a daughter, a father, mother, three brothers, and a sister. Two of the brothers are in America. Mr. Chettle was a regular attendant at St. Peter’s Church, Rushden, when he was well. His father, Mr. William Chettle, is churchwarden at St. Peter’s. The late Mr. Walter Chettle did not take an active part in public work.

The Funeral

took place yesterday. An impressive service was conducted in St. Peter’s Church by the Rev. P. J. Richards, M.A. (Vicar). Amongst others present were Messrs. R. Marriott (churchwarden), L. F. Phillips, Boxter, A. T. P. Phillipson (sidesman), C. H. Knight, Shortland, E. Robinson, Addison, and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Robinson.

The service at the graveside was also conducted by the Rev. P. J. Richards. The coffin was of polished elm with brass fittings and bore the inscription:-

Walter Chettle
Died June 23rd, 1914
Aged 38.

The family mourners were: Mrs. W. Chettle (widow), Mr. William Chettle (father), Mr. L. Chettle (brother), Mrs. Wm. Chettle (mother), Mrs. Searle (sister), Mr. T. Wheeler (brother-in-law).

The wreaths were as follow:-

To dear Daddy, with love from Laurie and Edith. “At Rest”.
With deepest love from Father, Mother, Grace, Will (Chillinack), Len and Horace (Toronto).
From Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Battersby.
From Mr. and Mrs. F. D. R. Dunkley, Earls Barton.
From Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abbott, Wymington.
Ever loving memory, from Auntie, at Oxford.
From Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robinson and family.
From Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woodward.
To a kind master, from Cathie.
From Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Phillips, Stanley and Leslie.
In affectionate remembrance, from George and Bert.
From Ted and Dot.
From Walter and Annie, Grove-road.
With Aunt Jane’s and Evelyn’s love.
From Grandma and Aunt.
Loving memory, from Fred and Fan.
Deepest sympathy, from all at Glenholme, Nuneaton.
From Mr. and Mrs. Eaton.
From Uncle Albert, Aunt Polly and family.
Sincere sympathy, from Mrs. D. G. Greenfield.
Loving memory, from Harry and Minnie.
From Winnie and Ernest.
From Mr. and Mrs. Eli Robinson.
From Roe and Sid.
From Harry C. Bryant.
From Mr. and Mrs. R. Marriott and family with deepest sympathy.
From Uncle and Cousins at Stanwick Grange.
Mrs. Mrs. I. W. Greenfield, Manton House.
From Dot and Herbert.
From Arthur and Mary.

Mrs. Walter Chettle and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Chettle and family desire to thank most sincerely the many enquiring friends for their kind sympathy.

Rushden Argus, 26th June 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Funeral of Mr. Walter Chettle - Rushden's Respect - Loving Tributes

Amid many expressions of sympathy the remains of Mr. Chettle were laid in their last resting-place on Thursday afternoon.

The solemn cortege left the residence of the deceased in Higham-road, Rushden, and proceeded to St. Peter's Church, where a service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. P. J. Richards, M.A.

The family mourners included Mrs. Chettle (widow), Mr. W. Chettle (father), Mr. Len. Chettle, Nuneaton (brother), Mrs. W. Chettle (mother), Mrs. and Mr. Albert Chettle (aunt and uncle), Mrs. and Mr. C. H. Knight, Mrs. and Mr. Shortland, Mrs. and Mr. Harry Addison (sisters and brothers-in-law), Mrs. Harrison, Oxford (aunt), Mrs. Searle, Geddington (sister), Mrs. Wills (sister), and Mrs. Clark (sister). Amongst those present at the service were many friends of the deceased and family, including Mr. and Mrs. R. Marriott, Mr. and Mrs Walter Robinson (cousins), Mr. A. T. P. Phillipson, Mr. L. F. Phillips, Mrs. W. Hallis, Mrs. J. Barwick, and others.

The committal service at the cemetery was also conducted by the Rev. P. J. Richards, in the presence of a large company of sympathisers.

The coffin, which was of polished elm, with brass fittings, bore the inscription:—

Died June 23rd, 1914
Aged 38 years.

The wreaths were as follow:—"To dear Daddy, with love from Laurie and Edith"; "With deepest love from father and mother" : "Grace and Will, Chillinack"; "Len. and Horace, Toronto"; "With Aunt Jane's and Evelyn's love"; "From grandma and aunts"; "In loving memory from Ted and Fan"; "Deepest sympathy from all at Glenholme, Nuneaton"; "From Uncle Albert and Aunt Pollie and family"; ''In loving memory from Harry and Minnie"; "With deepest sympathy from uncle and cousins at Stanwick Grange"; "With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Battersby"; "From Mr. and Mrs. F. D. R, Dunkley, Earls Barton"; ''From Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abbott, Wymington"; ''In ever-loving memory from auntie at Oxford"; "From Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robinson and family"; "From Mr. and. Mrs. Walter Woodward"; "To a kind master, from Cathie"; "From Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Phillips, Stanley, and Leslie"; "In affectionate remembrance from George and Beat"; "From Ted and Dot"; "From Walter and Annie Robinson, Grove-road, Rushden"; "From Mr. and Mrs. Eaton"; "With sincere sympathy from Mrs. D. G. Greenfield"; "With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marriott and family"; "From Mrs. J. W. Greenfield, Manton House"; ''From Winnie and Ernest"; ''From Mr. and Mrs. Eli Robinson"; "From Roe and Sid."; "From Harry C. Bryant"; ''From Dot and Herbert''; ''From Arthur and May."

Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin were the undertakers.

Mrs. Walter Chettle and Mr. and Mrs. Wm Chettle and family wish to thank all kind inquiring friends most sincerely.

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