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Mr. Sam Scragg
A Founder of Central Electric.

Samuel Scragg was baptised on 16th December 1867 at Acton (near Nantwich), Cheshire, England, son of Samuel Scragg, a farmer with 7½ acres, and Martha.

In 1881 aged 23 he was working as a farm labourer at Stretford near Chester. By 1891 he was apprenticed as an electrician and was lodging at Long Eaton in Derbyshire.

He came to Rushden on a work placement, as he worked on the CWS Shoe Factory when it was built here in 1903. The work was done by the Central Machinery Co. Ltd, with Ernest Pack, and the two became good friends. In 1909 they started the Central Electric Co. Ltd. Although he was in Stretford when the 1911 census was taken, he was perhaps on a visit, rather than living there. In 1921 he was boarding with Ernest Pack and family in Rectory Road, Rushden.

Bill Holt and Fred Hawkes were founder members of the Query Club, and Bill was a good friend of Ernest's son Roly.

By 1939 Samuel Scragg had returned to Cheshire on his retirement. He was now living in Rose Cottage, back in his home village of Ravensmoor. He died in 1954 aged 87, and was buried at St Mary’s Church, Acton, Cheshire.

Nick Holt's Memories of Sam Scragg:

When I was a nipper Sam was a regular visitor to Higham Park Farm in the fifties; a very close friend of my grandfather and father, I am pretty sure he helped grandfather with power supplies when they came to HP in 1914.

Sam Scragg
Sam Scragg
Note: picture, by Lacey Photographer, was damaged when the glass was broken
A distinguished looking man, white haired with small moustache, always brought sweets for us youngsters, a treat in the 50s.

He came from the Manchester area, and gave my grandfather a large wall clock which was on the wall at HP - a 7 day wind-up, 18” in diameter, with Roman numerals, father had it in the IOM. I now have it in my workshop still working, too large for the cottage. My father said Sam had told him it came from the head office of the CWS in Manchester.

Grandfather and father must have thought a lot of him. I still have a framed picture of him that hung at HP and father hung it in the IOM. [Bill Holt retired to the Isle of Man]

One anecdote, Tony, Doff and I would be playing round the yard and I remember he was a jolly sort. He would be sorting something with grandfather and we would be getting in the way so he would tease us and we would chase round singing, “Sam Scragg Dirty Old Man, Washed His Face in a Frying Pan.” Oh how cruel the innocence of a five year old could be!!!!!

Here was a man that had built, and contributed to the well being of all, lost in history like so many of that age.

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