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Rushden - Churches & Chapels

Left: Baptist Church (Top Meeting) in Little Street - Centre: St Mary's Parish Church - Right: The Wesleyan Sunday School in Station Road

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Churches 'Hearts & Soles'

Overview & Dates

To read about the growth of Non-conformity which accompanied the growth of the Shoe Trade 1881-1901, click here

Valor Ecclesiasticus

Religious Census 1903

Non-conformist Shoe Manufacturers

Religious Census 1851

Religious Liberty

An Effigy Burnt 1886

Church Records
Tributes to Mr Gladstone 1898 For transcribed Registers & Records
Free Church Council 1899 See the Genealogy Section
Council of Churches
Miscellaneous Notes on Churches Churchwardens Accounts
Parishes Divided 1923

Churchwarden's Accounts 1718-1890

Anglican/Church of England

St. Mary's Church

Associated Groups

Young Mens' Institute

Youth Sunday 1945

YMCA Hall - Royal Visit

YMCA Aims & 1952 Table Tennis Team

'Church Lads' Brigade

RACY (Rushden Area Christian Youth)

Whitefriars Church

Meeting House Certificates

St Peter's Church of England


Primitive Methodists

St Mark's Church

Hope Methodist Church (formerly The Wesleyan Methodist Church)


Baptist History

Old Baptist Church ("Top" Meeting)

Independent Wesleyan Church

Park Road Baptist Church

Mission Church

Succoth Church (Bottom Meeting)

Tin Tabernacle

Zion Baptist Church (Strict Baptist)

Other Non-conformists

Congregational Church

Elim Baptist Church

Highfield Road Baptist Church

Full Gospel Church

Heritage Chapel & Halls

The Brethren

Roman Catholic

Jehovah's Witnesses

St Peter's Roman Catholic Church

Society of Friends - Quakers

Spiritualist Church - Crabb Street

Spiritualist Church - Moor Road

Latter-day Saints - Mormons

Union Church

Salvation Army
Salvation Army - Mainpage Snippets

Newsclips 1928 & 1929


General Booth Visits County

1885 Feeding the Poor

Salvation Army - 100 years

An Effigy Burnt 1886
Temperance United Sunday Schools

Temperance Society - Mainpage

St Peter's & St Mary's 1915
Sunday School Treats
Sunday Schools - Rushden District - notes
Band of Hope - Mainpage United Sunday Schools Notes
Uproarious Temperance Meeting 1905

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