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Genealogy and Family History

Mrs Vera Horn with her brother in 1924 Part of a Manor Court document Mrs Horn (nee Meadows) at her mother's 90th birthday

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Registers Census Data
Transcribed Church & Chapel Registers


(includes Non-Conformist Baptisms & Marriages)

Census Statistics 1801-2001

Abbreviations & Dates More Statistics - Village Neighbours
Marriage Licences 1841
R'den Hospital Mortuary Book 1959-1975


Rushden Cemetery Burials


Other Villages


Wills 1891
Probate Records Introduction 1901
Wills Index 1500-1858 1931 Census Report
Wills Introduction Key 1951 & 1952 Reports
Wills Glossary Census mainpage
Wills Index - 1859 onwards Civil Registration

Documents Transcribed Town Cemetery
Apprenticeship of William Clark 1774 Introduction
Apprenticeship Wm Knight 1870 Burials Index
Apprenticeship Wm Smith 1796 Memorial Inscriptions Index
Poor Law Apprenticeships Memorial Walls Index
See also Poor Law Index & Deeds in History Section

Electoral Rolls Churchyard
For Electoral Rolls, see under Local
Government in the
History section

Listings for Memorial Inscriptions for St Mary's Churchyard are in the Churches section

Property Valuations Oaths of Allegiance
For Property valuations, see under
Valuations in the
Land section
Oaths of Supremacy & Allegiance 1673 -1688

Trade Directories Militia Lists
Index of Directories (30 separate listings) For Militia Lists and similar historic records
Leather Trades Directories are in the
Shoe Trade section
(e.g. able-bodied men), see the War section

School Registers Alehouse Recognizances
For School Registers, Admission Books, etc, refer to the Education section Alehouse Recognizances are in the Leisure section

Obituaries & Inquests Licences
Obituaries Index in the People section Badgers
Inquests Index (Northampton reports) Gamekeepers
Medieval Inquests Hairpowder Certificates 1797

Poor Law
Poor Law - Introduction & Index
Parish Officers' Accounts Town Benefactors & Charities
London Gazette Extracts
Payment of Poor Relief in Rushden 1814 - 1818 Index
Payment of Poor Relief in Rushden 1821 - 1828 Extracts
Settlements - Higham Ferrers Borough
Bastardy Cases - Petty Sessions 1844-1901 Help Offered
Newsclips Genealogical Research Services
Orphans Family History Society

Workhouse House & Home
Introduction & Index includes Newton Bromswold Rushden Cookery Book 1931
Newsclips - General Conditions & Rushden

Newton Bromswold Higham Park
For all genealogical data on Newton Bromswold, refer to the Newton Bromswold section For all genealogical data on Higham Park, refer to the Higham Park section

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