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The Rose and Crown
73 High Street

The Rose & Crown in the early 1900s - this postcard is titled "Post Office"
c1895 Litchfield's shop under the tree

This public house was built in the 1840s in the centre of High Street, on the corner of College Street. It survived the fire of 1901 when Cave's factory was burnt to the ground. The picture above has a Saloon Bar with a leaded window to the right of the door. Note the gas lamp standing on the very edge of the footpath. The Post Office was built in 1902 and the wall beyond that was the boundary of the garden of "The Cottage", residence of John Cave who owned a large shoe factory to the right of the Rose and Crown. In 1910 the High Street was widened and the wall of the garden was rebuilt in line with the Post Office, so the picture must date between 1902 and 1910.

A Sale in 1866 tells that Joseph Higgins had been the landlord for 20 years.
Note: In a trade directory of 1877 the landlord and baker was still
Joseph Higgins, so perhaps the sale was avoided?

The sign
The sign

Extract from the second edition of Brewers in Northamptonshire 1450-2010

Rose & Crown, 73 High Street.

For sale 23rd November 1866 with brew house, 20 years Joseph Higgins. However, he was still at the pub in 1874, when he was also a baker. Later held by Elsworthy. The rebuilt pub is still trading on the corner of College Street.

The Rushden Echo, 12th May 1905

At Wellingborough Police-court on Friday, Alfred James Dyke, landlord of the Rose and Crown Inn, Rushden, was summoned for permitting drunkenness on licensed premises at Rushden, April 24th. Click here to read the case

Rushden Echo, 9th October 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Inn Sold for £4,600—Mr. J. Pendered, of Messrs. J. Pendered and Son, held a sale at the Rose and Crown on Monday. For the fully licensed public-house, the Rose and Crown, with yard, stabling, and coach-house, annual rent £250, bidding started at £3,000, and the property was ultimately sold to Mr. J. Elsworthy, for £4,600.

Mrs Mary Diana Dyke was the landlady in 1928

This picture dates from around 1920. The block centre, is the
Rose & Crown and adjoining properties, with part of the old
Cave's Factory wall (remaining after a fire) as a boundary wall.

1940s - The remains of Cave's Factory
wall adjoins the Rose & Crown

Far right, bottom corner, is George Street, then two shops,
the Succoth Church, the Co-op with Hall above.

Raising the flag on VE day
Raising the flag on VE day
when Agnes Ada Furness held the licence

The Rose and Crown in 2008.
The Rose and Crown in 2008.

Rushden Echo, 28th August  1964

Ted to say goodbye

Mr Ted Hodges, tenant of the Rose and Crown, High Street, Rushden, is leaving the pub for the second time on September 4, after being there for eleven years.

He and his wife, Gwen, returned to the pub at the request of the brewery in 1956 after a two-year absence.

Ted & Gwen
Ted & Gwen

Rushden Echo, 28th August  1964

Penny Pile — A pile of pennies worth £14 6s 6d was ceremoniously knocked down last Friday at the Rose and Crown, High Street, Rushden, by Brian Reynolds, Northamptonshire's opening batsman. The pennies were collected for the Spastics.

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