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Kay & John Collins
Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions

The full index covers sections B to P, with a separate index for “stones removed” in 1954, when area A & part of B were cleared to make way the Memorial Walls. Surveying for B-M was carried out from 1992-2000 and P section was done in December 2005. 

For a plan of the layout of the graves in each section click here.

It is likely that some of the stones were moved to make grass cutting easier and a strimmer has probably removed some lead lettering. A tractor was used for grass cutting where there was room to use it. Some stones disappeared between recording and checking, and several vases moved. A few graves have had stones from other graves laid upon them and these are recorded with the grave number where they were laying at the time of the survey.

In 1996 we began to add the name of the stone mason (if it appeared on the memorial) after the grave number.

The surveys were carried out by Kay and John Collins. Much appreciated help was given by the late Jim Buckby who helped to record the stones by the perimeter fence and by Janet Presland who kindly checked all the typescripts against the memorials. All names from the MI are included in the index. The year of death is included in the index if it is given in the inscription. A * after the grave number indicates the stone probably belongs on another grave.

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