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Kay & John Collins
Stones Removed

Stones removed from A & B sections - now overgrown with ivy
Stones removed now overgrown by ivy

Gravestones removed from sections "A & B" of Rushden Cemetery. 

These areas were used for burials from 1889 to 1907 and section "A" was children’s graves and section "B" was adult’s graves.

Notice of intention to grass over these areas was issued 22nd October 1954.

The list was compiled from a Statement of Graves Book held by Rushden Council at Rushden Hall. The book lists all graves and those with gravestones were presumably noted into the book in 1954. The notes do not give full details from the gravestones, so a survey has been done in 1992 to record full details from the stones that remain readable.  Some are missing and some have been broken since they were removed. It is also obvious that some later stones have been laid amongst those which were removed in 1954, and many have disappeared.  The later grave books have been checked to try to find grave numbers for the names found on other stones, and they have been added to the list.

In the index a * in the end column denotes that part of a stone was found in 1992 and is recorded but a blank dennotes no stone was found in 1992 but one existed in 1954.

At the end of the inscriptions there is a list of pieces of stone with words on that could not with certainty be allocated to any particular grave. There were probably around twenty pieces with "IN LOVING MEMORY" inscribed.

The stones recorded here are lying by the fence on the Newton Road boundary of the Cemetery, and most are in reasonable condition, although many are broken. No map has been made of the order in which the stones lay, but an attempt was made to lay pieces of the same headstone or kerb together during the survey.

This survey was done from July to September 1992 by Kay & John Collins with much appreciated help from Jim Buckby.

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