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Health & Welfare Services

Built in 2004/5
This used to be Skinners Farmhouse
Harborough Field Medical Centre
The Ambulance Station is in Station Road
Dental Practice - Skinners Hill

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Background Rushden & District Motor Ambulance Association
Overcrowding 1898 Rushden Ambulance Corps 1898/99
Health & Sanitary Reports Motor Ambulance 1919
Rushden Motor Ambulance Association
Board of Guardians Northamptonshire Ambulance Service 1887-2000
Sick Benefit Societies Ambulance Report 1947
National Health Service
Health Service - Review Rushden Ambulance Station
Civil Registration Rushden Ambulance Station

Rushden Hospitals St John Ambulance
St James' Hospital St John Ambulance - mainpage
Cottage Hospital - mainpage
Memorial Hospital - mainpage Nursing Association
Nursing Association - mainpage
Rushden Hospital
Nurses & Midwives
Isolation Hospital Nurse Mabel Goosey
Maternity Homes Nurse Mary Ann Goosey
Nurse Agnes Hunt
Hospital Week Fund Nurse Reynolds - Loder Gold Medal 1945
Rushden Deaths 1954-6 at Park Hospital W'boro Nurses Tenney & Tipping Retire

Nurses - Training Successes
Hospital Contributory Fund Nurses in WWI
Red Cross
Northampton Infirmary Records Fete 1917
Hospital Week Fund
Rushden Patients 1744-1773
Collection 1880 Care Homes
The Cloisters
Sanatorium - Later Rushden Hospital Victoria House
Rushden Sanatorium Risdene (formerly The Shrubbery)
Park Nursing Home
Co-op Row - Headway Home

Children's Home
Health Centres
Clinic Opens 1928 Dental Practices
Clinic - re Manfield Hospital Dentists before NHS
Adnitt Road Medical Centre - History T A Baker

Doctors & Surgeries
Mr Pressland, surgeon
Early Surgeons & Physicians
Harborough Field Medical Centre Dr C R Owen
Parklands Centre & The Martins Crew, Owen & Burland
Rectory Road Clinic Dr H S Baker 1914
Dr R W Davies
Other Medical & Care Services Dr D G Greenfield
Vaccination - 1889 Dr Paine's 1940
Dr Gottfried Teichmann

Health - news snippets Epidemics & Health Reports
Adverts - Healthcare Health & Sanitary Reports
Forget-me-not Day 1914 Typhoid 1892
Rushden Distress Fund 1921
Typhoid Fever & Measles 1898
Trades Hospital and Convalescent Home Fund 1937 Small Pox cases
Polio Vaccination 1956 Minister of Health - ref Coal supply 1919
Flu in 1970
Aluminium Week 1932
Air Ways Group - venue updated 2013 Health - snippets
Road Safety Committee 2020 Coronavirus
Spurgeon's - Charity
FAIR Accidents, Incidents & Emergencies
Meals on Wheels Accidents - Index

Shoe Factory Accidents - Index

W.R.V.S. Triplets Born - 1878
Rushden District Clubs - Fund for Blind & Crippled Children 1914 Accidents - 1878-1882
Senior Citizens Welfare Committee Gas Explosion at W.M.C. 1903
Lifeboat Appeal 1924

Gas Explosion - 1909

Children lost, and found 1914
Memories Scout Sharp rescues boys 1916
of Dr Muriset - by Don Sturgess Frost Family Gassed - 1929

Milk Cart Crash 1940

C R Shaw Social Welfare

Benefit Funds
Outing Guild of Help
Health Exhibition 1884

Social Services
Social Welfare Matters
Coal Club
Pensions Committee 1917-1919 Spinneyfields

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