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Memories of Peggy Whittington
(nee Marriott)

My first memory seemed to be going to Newton Road school in around 1925 and in 1926 came the General Strike. Nobody worked so no money – no social services then. One day in school we were all taken outside and there above was the Airship 101 very low and very slow – it looked huge!

I remember Espin’s cycle shop at the bottom of Queen Street, Pooles Pram shop, the Blacksmith’s next to Rushden Hall & Liptons Grocery shop.

When I was 11 I went to Intermediate School in Hayway. No school dinners then, we always took sandwiches and the school closed at lunchtime so we had lunch in Spencer Park. When it rained we stood under the trees to eat lunch.

I left school in 1935 and worked in Bon Marche in the High Street. Shops opened until 7.30 & 9.0pm Saturdays. I had a wage of 5 shillings a week (25 pence).

We went dancing in Fitzwilliam Street Hall and The Co-op Hall but dancing was not Allowed Sundays and in the evening up and down High Street talking to boys – it was called the Bunny Run.

The Carnival was a big event those days; everyone went and as hospitals relied on Donations (no National Health service then) the Carnival money went to the Hospital. In 1939 I was chosen with 4 others to collect for the hospital and whoever collected most was the Queen so I was the lucky one.

Geoff Knight the jeweller was in Rushden Query Motor Club and they ran the Carnival. I still have the silver spoons ……
[copied from two hand written sheets stapled together – not sure if it ends here or if the end is missing]

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