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Washbrook Road

The new Fire Station in 1985
A new Fire Station was built in 1985.

Fitzjohn's sign
Shop sign for Fitzjohn's uncovered when the shop was closed down and returned to residential. It had several owners during the 20thC.

Washbrook Road
c1920 looking down Washbrook Road before the railings were removed in WWII.
In the distance the Sidney brook crosses under the road, and is where
sheep were washed ready for market, hence the name.

Spencer Park in the 1930s, with a WWI Tank near the gates.
Possibly removed in 1939 but the concrete is still there in 2016!
From the Colin Bryant Collection - Courtesy of Rushden Museum

Washbrook/Hayway area Workers on the grass
Washbrook Road and Higham Road junction c1920.
The Catholic Church house in the background.
Note the island in the road was fenced - this is where the
Rushden Century Cycle Club met to go on their first run in 1934
A group of workers standing on the grass at the
same road junction.
The blinds right can be clearly seen in the other picture
with the lamp in the centre of this picture.

Washbrook Road Junction c1925 with railings round the island

The junction c1935
Washbrook Road Junction c1935 and Spencer Park Garage

Washbrook Road Junction c1960 and Spencer Park Garage

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 14th August 1953
digging for the sewer
Danger of flooding is being obviated by the laying of a 12-inch storm relief and foul sewer in Washbrook Road, Rushden. There is only a nine inch sewer at present, and overloading has occurred after heavy storms. At a cost of about £2,500 the additional pipe will be laid in a trench varying from four to seven feet in
depth and extending from the foot of Hayway to the main outfall sewer at
the bridge near Spencer Park, where the picture was taken this week.

Marriott's site
Marriott's yard being cleared. Their office block behind.
On the horizon is the Queen Victoria Hotel, now flats.
The site was developed in 2005 - now Asda store
Winslow Motors site
Winslow Motors site cleared in 2005 when Asda bought the land.
Formerly Bailey Bros. scrapyard was here and a large hedge.
Courtesy of Mervyn Wood

Winslow viewing area - near an Spencer Park entrance
in Washbrook Road - replaced by Park View (right)
Photos courtesy of Mervyn Wood

Park View
Park View - plans passed in 2005, built in 2009
Firestation & Foskett Close
Opposite Park View is the Firestation built in 1985, and housing beyond is called Foskett Close to honour the first Fire Brigade Captain.

Bridge Court
Bridge Court - plans passed in 2005, built in 2009

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