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College Street

In 1899 the name of College Street was given to what had been known as Higgins' Lane. The school was named Alfred Street School, and so came under that road, and the factory that once stood at the foot of the road was deemed to be in Duck Street.
The Rushden Echo, 6th December 1901.

Rushden Urban Council - Plans - Messrs. J. Cave and Sons Ltd.
For new factory off College-street and passed subject
to compliance with Byelaws 17 and 21.

  A letter accompanied this plan stating the Company would be prepared to give the necessary land for widening College-street to 36 feet if the Council would construct the road with proper causeways and take over the same. The Surveyor was instructed to reply that this matter would be carefully considered by the Council if Messrs. Cave's would submit plans showing the company’s proposals with regard to the street throughout its entire length from High-street to Duck-street, and further that the Committee would be inclined to recommend the Council to favourably entertain the idea of contributing towards the expense of effecting the improvement and afterwards declaring the street a public highway.

By 1910 only Cave's new shoe factory and the Standard Rotary Machine Company were listed for the street. The factory was later taken over by Eaton's and was demolished. The site is now Wilkinson's store.

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College Street running diagonally - North side of the street:
Cave's Factory The 1940 Post Office Barclays Bank 1902 Post Office
College Street aerial view

Alfred St School
The part of Alfred Schools that is seen in College Street

The Ritz The 1940 Post Office
The Ritz cinema (left) was built in 1936 at ther junction with Alfred Street, and in 1940 the old Post Office was replaced by this building, with sorting office behind.

Showing the old wall
The gates between the Rose & Crown and the Ritz cinema.

Above the gates you can still see some remnants of the old wall of the Cave's factory that was burnt down in the great fire of 1901.

The wall adjoins the Rose & Crown.

Duck Street area
1984 College Street (left to top) into Duck Street - the large building left of centre was just completed for Budgen's. The car park (not finished) was formerly part of John Cave's garden that he had turned over to a sports ground for his employees. Top left: The Ritz cinema and Alfred Street Schools.

College Street floods in the 1960s

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